Simon Green Website Success


Well the recession may be over for the UK but it certainly seems over for Simon Green Motor Engineers! Is this a result of their new website?

The website has was launched on November 5th 2009, since then Simon has received more traffic and more calls though the website than ever before.

In January 2010 the website received 853 unique visitors, 537 of which came from highly relevant search terms on Google, this lead to 191 calls, this roughly equates to one in every 4 and a half visitors calling in – that is a staggering conversion rate!

The website has achieved some very impressive results on Google (UK), bearing in mind its only been live for 3 months!

(Positions on Google UK taken on 02/02/2010 22:46 GMT)

These should continue to grow throughout the year and will hopefully bring Simon more record breaking months this year.

When it’s done right it gets results, period.

This website and the results it has yielded for the company over the first few months is proof in practice as to why it pays to do it right. The website is a great sales and conversion tool because:

  1. It looks clean fresh and professional
  2. The copy and content is light and flowing
  3. Its built correctly to current accessibility guidelines
  4. The photography is professional, genuine and believable, not cliché stock images
  5. The pages have been optimised for specific keywords to yield the best results

This project I could not have done without the help of Media Spy who provided the copy and the phone number tracking software and also Clear Lens Photography who did an excellent job of the photography.

Can I do the same for your business?

I’ll try my damn best, give me a call on 0800 611 8222 for a chat and I’ll see what I can do for you.

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