The Future of the Design Agency

Empty Office

The traditional design agency, big office, large overheads, a team of directors, designers and account managers, is soon to become a thing of the past.

More and more designers are finding themselves able to join the “freelance table”, and feed on a bountiful resource of businesses large and small that are beginning to realise that large portions of their project budget is being wasted on paying for large overheads.

A good freelance web designer is able to provide work of a standard you would receive from a large agency at a fraction of the cost, you have direct contact with the designer, not the “middle man” account manager you’re paying for with an agency.

Advantages of the Independent Designer

  1. Not all independent designers are bound to 9-5 (I often find myself doing 8-10!!)
  2. Direct contact with the person executing the brief, not an account manager.
  3. Better flexibility on deadlines.
  4. Minimal overheads pushing up the cost of service.
  5. More personal and informed client to designer relationship.

The Design Collective

The Design Collective is the design agency of the future, an alliance and network of independent designers, photographers, developers and other specialists all working in tangent and under the recommendation of each other to give the fully comprehensive package provided by design agencies, without the associated overheads. Each member of the collective works as and represents their own freelance brand which is supported and upheld by the reputation of the collective, the members all vouch for the quality of service that the collective will provide as a whole.

With the rapid progression of communication and networking over the Internet, it is becoming less and less of a necessity to have all members of your team in the immediate vicinity of each other, i strongly believe that the virtual network of designers sharing ideas and creative solutions is the design agency of the future.

Would love to hear the views of other professionals on this topic!

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