Simple PHP Login Script Tutorial

On this tutorial i’ll show you how to make a simple login portal using PHP for a client area of your website.

First of all you need to make a basic HTML form with a field for the username and a field for the password, these must be named ‘user’ and ‘pass’ respectively. Have this form point to your password protected page and paste the code below above the starting <html> tag of the page.

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The Future of the Design Agency

Empty Office

The traditional design agency, big office, large overheads, a team of directors, designers and account managers, is soon to become a thing of the past.

More and more designers are finding themselves able to join the “freelance table”, and feed on a bountiful resource of businesses large and small that are beginning to realise that large portions of their project budget is being wasted on paying for large overheads.

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Choosing The Right Web Designer

These days everybody and their cat is a web designer, a friend of a friend who “knows computers” can put a website together for you… badly.

The underlying issue behind this I believe in many ways is a problem that I see on a regular basis working with new clients; which is the limited knowledge they have on what constitutes a good website. The majority believe that if the website looks pretty, then its a good website! This as many good web designers will tell you, is not the whole truth.

This article is intended to help people that are looking to commission a web design project to identify what constitutes a good website, to ask the right questions and to analyse the work of their chosen array of designers to establish which designer can produce the best website possible for the budget.

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Welcome to the BenSky Blog

At last here is our shiny new blog, over the coming weeks, we’ll be working hard to add content here that will be useful for our clients as well as aspiring designers and developers. These will include articles to help potential clients choose the correct web designer, what they should look out for and what they should ask. Another main focus of this blog is to provide information, tips, “How2’s” and tutorials for budding web designers and developers to help them progress their skills and to spread knowledge.

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