Skypanel 3.3 Launch

Exciting times are upon us for Skypanel, soon Skypanel is going to be set up as a separate company allowing resellers to introduce Skypanel as their CMS partner. As part of this new model, i’m introducing new pricing structures allowing users to get Skypanel for as little as £200 up front! Full details of pricing structures will be available on the new website (once I’ve done it).

So version 3.3 marks the start of Skypanel as a licensed product. Clients still have the option to buy unlicensed… Heres some of the new features and changes I’ve implemented for this version.

  1. New, more user friendly GUI.
    The GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been modified to highlight important elements & make the whole system easier to use.
  2. Backup Functionality.
    Now users can create backup points for Skypanel, so if something happens to your content you can restore to a saved point. Clients can also subscribe to additional backup functionality, that automatically backs your website up every night and transfers it to a secure server!
  3. Drag and drop page order in Sitemap plugin.
    Users can now sort their website pages easily with a simple drag and drop system.
  4. Page preview function.
    You can now preview the content of your pages as it would look on your website.
  5. More intuitive page creation layout.
    I’ve added extra functionality to add and edit pages to make the process easier, and more intuitive.
  6. Dedicated support line: 0844 884 9880.
    Support is going to be more structured and more readily accessible. Users with a subscription receive this service for free!

If you would like to discuss upgrading or implementing the latest version of Skypanel to your website or to see a demonstration, please call me: 0800 611 8222!

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