Skypanel Website Coming Soon

Skypanel will be launching a new website in the coming months that will showcase the CMS, publish available add-ons and serve as a support hub for customers.

I’m going to be working very hard on a dedicated support area that will be available to customers subscribed to Skypanel support. This section will feature tutorial videos that will demonstrate the basic functions of the CMS.

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Skypanel 3.3 Launch

Exciting times are upon us for Skypanel, soon Skypanel is going to be set up as a separate company allowing resellers to introduce Skypanel as their CMS partner. As part of this new¬†model, i’m introducing new pricing structures allowing users to get Skypanel for as little as ¬£200 up front! Full details of pricing structures will be available on the new website (once I’ve done it).

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