No more operating your file service via emails 🤮

No more using a second rate portal with second rate features and support 🙅🏻‍♂️

Our portal is the gold standard and our service is second to none. 👍 This is exactly what you need... software that is simple, intuitive, brilliant and that you can rely on.

Whether you want to actively scale up your dealer network or just make running your existing file service more efficient, we have the PERFECT solution.

  • Dealers upload their files into your branded portal.
  • You receive the file in an inbox style admin portal.
  • Invoicing & payment is fully automated.
  • Each file has a chat thread to organise support.
Each portal we provide is a MASTER portal and is NOT controlled or affiliated with any other portal we provide.

Dealer side demo:

Admin side demo:

Currently using our portal:

What price would you put on reducing your admin time, improving your cashflow, streamlining support requests and having software you and your dealers can totally rely on?


  • Users can buy WinOLS credits
  • Autotuner auto decrypt & encrypt slave files
  • File matching & automatic return
  • Provide vehicle database to dealers
  • File inbox to allow collaboration between multiple technicians
  • Individual chat style support thread for each uploaded file
  • Legendary support, if you have a problem it gets fixed

Monthly rental price:

Your portal will be ready within 5 days of ordering.