How To Grow Your Remapping Dealer Network

One question I get asked all the time by clients using our portal software is; ‘Ben, how can I get more dealers?’ If growing your file service business is your top priority, this will help massively

There’s only 3 ways you can increase your revenue as a file provider:

  1. Get more dealers.
  2. Get your dealers to buy more files.
  3. Raise your prices.

Let’s focus on getting more dealers for now… Many of my clients have built huge networks of dealers, some with my help and some without my help. As of 25/10/2023 we have 10,573 registered dealers across all the portals I provide to clients. I’ve had chats recently with some of the most successful amongst my clients to create a list of strategies that they have employed to effectively grow their networks.

How valuable would it be for you to understand the different strategies that has lead to their success? I guess pretty valuable right?

I’ve put these ideas into a PDF which I’m giving to you for free to help you. You can download the PDF directly from this link below:

I hope this helps you get clarity on the actions you can start taking today to grow your network and hit your goals. 🏆