• How To Grow Your Remapping Dealer Network

    One question I get asked all the time by clients using our portal software is; ‘Ben, how can I get more dealers?’ If growing your file service business is your top priority, this will help massively… There’s only 3 ways you can increase your revenue as a file provider: Let’s focus on getting more dealers…

  • Full language support

    We’ve just released a major update to our ECU file service portal software… now the system supports 130+ languages. 🤯 Here’s what this update does: We can also change language files to get translations PERFECT in your language. This feature is available included with the Enhanced Portal add-on.

  • Portal update

    Over the last few months many more reputable companies in the tuning world decide to use our portal to help manage and automate their file service. These names include Phil @ C4L1BRATE, Lee @ Regal Tuning and also Avon Tuning have upgraded to our new portal… I’ll share more about that in a future email.…

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